Studio Basta


[one_third_first]Studio Basta makes livable landscapes and gardens. In all our projects we try to create a fresh and open-minded landscape-architecture, whereby environments of all scale become free and unforced places.

Due to a universitary education at Wageningen UR, every project is treated in a structured and analytic way. [/one_third_first][one_third]Every project starts with a concept wich carries a simple solution for the design, and is the directory of the design- and realizationproces.
The workout of every project is based on a technical and maintenance logic. A good relation with engineers and entrepreneurs, and our own skills in construction and gardening, make that we design environments that are feasible, manageable and budget friendly. [/one_third][one_third_last] Studio Basta guarantees a professional and accurate approach of every project trough all phases of the design and construction. We treat projects through all scale-levels in a professional way, with enthusiasm, and an openness for participation for all stakeholders and groups.[/one_third_last]


Foto: Olivier Born

Foto: Olivier Born

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